DC Universe Online, Not Available

I got the exact same response.
My entire time with Sony Online Entertainment Tech Support started 1/12 and went through 1/24 at which I had them cancel my subscription.
3 tickets with SOE.

1 ticket with Steam.

I had this same problem with SOE when Star Wars Galaxies came out. They are 0/2 with me and I may never play a game with them again.

I was able to discover what was initially causing the crash. It was a USB connection that once removed allowed the game to start up fine. Then it would crashed in game. Any transition between actual game play and anything else just led to my PC locking up. I got to play up to level 6 but playing during level 1 play I had to hard reboot 3x.

I did enjoy the game. I enjoyed the character creation. I like the idea that you can pick hero or villain and that they “study” under a DC hero/villain. In game combat was more built for a console so I see why the PS3 would be a better choice for the game. RPG are really for the PC. FFVII was the only RPG I enjoyed on the console. I played as a villain under the Joker. I got through the first 6 levels and played alongside Catwoman and beat the shit out of Huntress. It was fun and that’s my .05 review.

It wasn’t fun enough to upgrade my system just to play. I shouldn’t have to do that when my video card is listed as approved by SOE.

[03:31:19 PM] ClayHarrison soe: explain my my card is listed here http://help.station.sony.com/cgi-bin/soe.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=27365
[03:32:13 PM] TSR Andy D.: Because the higher tier 2xxx series cards are supported, but yours is not.
[03:33:08 PM] ClayHarrison soe: then it should say 25** or higher not 2*** cause that’s my card
[03:33:46 PM] TSR Andy D.: While I tend to agree with you, it is not something I have control over.
[03:34:00 PM] TSR Andy D.: I do apologize for the misunderstanding, but there is unfortunately nothing else we can do.
[03:34:27 PM] ClayHarrison soe: But you obviously see the error
[03:35:03 PM] ClayHarrison soe: and the “misunderstanding” cost me 50 bucks and a weeks worth of troubleshooting when it NEVER WAS GOING TO WORK!
[03:36:53 PM] TSR Andy D.: If there isn’t anything else I can assist you with, I do need to help the next customer.
[03:37:05 PM] ClayHarrison soe: admit the error
[03:38:47 PM] TSR Andy D.: As already stated, the minimum requirements in both the main Knowledge Base article and Steam both state that an x1950 or better is required. Your card does not meet this, so it will not work.
[03:39:28 PM] ClayHarrison soe: As already stated, the link I provided did have my card listed.
[03:41:14 PM] TSR Andy D.: I have to assist the next customer now, Thanks again for contacting Sony Online, and have a great day!
[03:41:18 PM] ‘ClayHarrison soe’ disconnected (‘Concluded by Agent’).

I contacted Steam about a refund. They make it really simple. I felt if I explained myself then I had a chance. They asked for documentation of the attempts to resolve the problem with SOE. I did. I wasn’t given a refund but I was given store credit.  I really appreciate that Steam took the time and read what happened and did at least this. I’ve talked and spread the word about how awful my experience was with SOE and hope people don’t support them. I like their product but their documentation was shit and the didn’t help the customer at all.