DC Universe Online, Not Available on the Atari 2600

I’ve been waiting for this game. I tried City of Heroes but it was unstable on my machine at the time. I get more frustrated with PC games than anything.




I grew up with an Atari 2600. If the game didn’t work, we blew in the cartridge and tried it again.

Then I played WoW for a long time. Little to no issues. I stopped to save some cash and looked forward to DC Universe Online. The November launch was delayed and all of a sudden I see it’s going live 1/11/11. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get it day one but Lori talked me into it. I stopped by Best Buy to pick up a copy.

Not one single copy was on the shelf. I would have asked someone in the PC department but they were all busy. I took a prepaid box to Customer Service and waited. I saw they have multiple copies behind the counter and of the Special Edition as well. So when I get there I say “You don’t have any copies of DC Universe Online out. I would like to buy a copy you have over there.”

“Those aren’t available. They are all on hold for customers.”

I must have given the biggest WTF look to him because he said “That’s all we got.” So cash in hand and they wouldn’t take it.

So I went home and bought it through Steam. 7 hour download. I just let it run overnight.

Today I get home hoping to play. 8.8 GB patch. Really?!?! The day after the release and you dump this on the user? I download that and kick off the game.

You need to create a logon at the site. And set up monthly billing. OK? Got it? Done? Kick off your game now.

Wait. System check needs to verify your install.

READY? Click OK to start. *click*


Well, it was a lot of changes. Reboot and let’s try.



So I hit the support site and the forums. Little help from the forums and ZERO help from the Knowledge Base. The closet thing I find is a thread of ATI graphic card users that downgraded their driver to an older version and it worked with the game. I try it with rebooting. Nothing. I open an online ticket and call at the same time. 40 minutes later I’m told “I will send you a new installer. Uninstall the current version and use this.” I also had to uninstall Flash.

So I remove the game and launch the new installer. 12 GB download.

So 1 day after I bought the game I am still waiting to play. The insulting part is the interface for it tells me I’ve been playing for 101 minutes.

I have 30 days before I’m charged for the 1st monthly fee. I’m not even sure I’ll make it that far. I wish I just had a cartridge instead.