I Just Met Someone But Only Through His Friends and Family

Today, I went to a ceremony for a friend’s father. It was a celebration of his life. Jack Ramsey passed last Thursday and today his friends and family came together to celebrate his life.

I know Jack’s son and had been to his office this year. I saw the work Jack did. I had seen the work he did but just never knew it was his. I had seen it in Television and Film.

He was good. His clients said so. It take a lot for people you work for to come to a service like this. You work for people all your life. They don’t have to like you. They don’t have to deal with you other than work. They certainly don’t have to come to your service and openly speak so well of your life.

Family’s another monster. Family is something you inherit. You must interact with them. You are forced at some point to mingle at a wedding, funeral or your religious day of choice. That was not the case for Jack. Everyone that I spoke to missed him. They missed his stories. They missed him.

It’s interesting to hear what other people say at a ceremony like this. People don’t have to come but it was a full house. People don’t have to share but they did. People were moved and it showed.

Hearing all these stories made me feel like I missed the boat. I missed out on meeting this great guy but then I didn’t want to feel bad because this was a celebration of his life.

I thought about my own death. I think everyone does when they attend a funeral, wake or celebration of life. I would want something like this. I’m curious about the people that would go. I think everyone worries about it. Do enough people think well of me to attend my funeral.

I don’t think Jack did. From the sounds of it, he lived without that worry.