What This 2011 NBA Championship, By The Dallas Mavericks, Means To Me.

I loved (Yes, LOVED) the Dallas Mavericks. Growing up, I watched as year after year we got close but failed to win an NBA Championship. Early on, I was a Derek Harper fan. The guy was awesome. He was a leader. He made 1 huge mistake and dribbled the ball out against the Lakers in the 1984 Western Conference Finals. I’ve had bad days at work but it’s never been televised. Heartbreaking.

The tragedy starts at about 3:50.
The Mavericks would lose again to the Lakers in the 1988 Western Conference Finals. I would skip school with Kyle Hall and try to score tickets. We ended up meeting David Gear and his father who were trying to go to the game as well. We waited all day and nothing. It still sticks with me a one of my all time favorite Maverick memories. The waiting, not the lose.

I love how OJ is cheering the Lakers at the :24 mark.

Then Derek left for the Knicks in 1993. His hopes were dashed by the Houston Rockets. More than the Rockets, I blame John Starks for their loss. He never met a shot he didn’t like.

As far as the Mavericks were concerned, the 1990s were the worst time in the entire franchise. I was in college and met some new Maverick fans. One of them was Eddie Gibbons. We were convinced we could get floor seats for next to nothing. Which is good because next to nothing is what I was making as a college student. We hit up some ticket brokers to find out most didn’t even carry tickets for them. We eventually found one. This was a pre Internet situation so there was a lot of calling from our HOME TELEPHONES!! This is how we got shit done back in the day.

Dallas v Denver 5th row from the floor. Tickets were $50 bucks each. We sat close enough to hear Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf’s Tourette acting up. We were actually sitting so low that Dikembe Mutombo was taller than where we were sitting. The Mavericks won that game. I went to 3 total games that season and they won each one. Why does this matter. They went 11-71 that year. Another great Maverick memory. The games not the year.

In 1992, the Dallas Mavericks took Jim Jackson with the 4th pick in the draft. Dude had skills and combined with the fact this team had no talent, he had major stats. Yes, he held out. I saw an interview where he explained why. I had never seen an athlete explain in such a manner why he felt he was worthy of a large contract. Jim was well spoken. He was a guy I could follow and Jim had crazy insane talent. The Mavs added Jason Kidd and Jamal Mashburn to form the “Three J’s”. This lasted about as long as New Coke. Mashburn has surgery. Kidd and Jackson fought over Toni Braxton. All the J’s ended up traded by the start of the 1997 season.

Part of the Kidd trade was Steve Nash and Michael Finley. Loved to watch Finley play! LOVED! Here enjoy!

Explosive. Could take it inside or shoot outside. I became a fan of Wisconsin because that’s where he played college ball. Dude stepped up when needed and settled back as Dirk came into his own. Then he was waived by Dallas to avoid the luxury tax. This was devastating to me. We got nothing. Finley went to the Spurs and won a championship. Nash was gone the year before. Dirk was left with not much support all because of business decisions. I had named 1 of my dogs Maverick and another Finley. If I love you enough, I will name a dog after you.

I gave up. Dirk was and is a great player but he’s boring to me. He didn’t play a lot of defense. He had no style. He had a fade away jump and that’s about it. I couldn’t get attached to another player that was just going to play until it was time to leave for a contender. I quit watching. I quit investing.

The NBA was still looking for another Jordan and wasn’t impressive at all. I would watch the Spurs occasionally but Dallas wasn’t a team that excited me. The talk was LeBron James was the next Jordan. While I still watched SportsCenter, I had become married with kids and had less time for sports. LeBron was a name I heard because he was going high in the draft. It looked like he’d end up in Cleveland but I didn’t care.

Meanwhile, Dirk was working away in Dallas, I quit naming my dogs after anything associated with the Dallas Mavericks and LeBron was starting his highlight reel.

In 2006, the Dallas Mavericks would make it to the NBA Championship playing against an aging Shaq and the Miami Heat. Shaq was a guy that should have been in Dallas. During the 1990’s when Dallas won at failing, Shaq was in the draft during one of these awful seasons. Luck of the Mavs put them at 4th and Orlando at 1st. While they got Shaq, we got Jim Jackson. I wasn’t bothered by this because Shaq was a whore who left Orlando via free agency for the Lakers. After the Lakers were through with him, he ended up in Miami. Fuck him. Anyhow, I was interested. I didn’t watch any series until this one. Call me a fair weather fan, so be it. They broke my heart again! Up 2 games, they choked hard and lost 4 in a row to the Heat.

201o – Dirk is a free agent. LeBron is a free agent. While the world watched LeBron make a specticle of himself on TV, Dirk signed with Dallas.

Team officials released no terms of the deal. However, sources close to the talks told ESPN.com’s Marc Stein that it is a four-year deal worth $80 million, with a no-trade clause.

The nine-time All-Star agreed to the deal July 4 after a bit of a circuitous route delayed negotiations and left Mavs fans anxious as to whether Nowitzki was looking at other options on the free-agent market. Nowitzki, 32, opted out of the final year of his contract that would have paid him $21.5 million next year, but ultimately his loyalty to the only team he’s played for won out.

Nowitzki’s deal will pay him $17.3 million next season with pay increases due in each of the next three seasons, topping out at 22.7 million in 2013-14, sources told Stein. The contract contains a no-trade clause that prevents the Mavs from dealing the 7-foot power forward without his consent. Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant is the only other player in the NBA with a no-trade clause.

The former MVP could have re-signed for as much as $96.2 million, but he gave the Mavs a hometown discount to help ease the luxury-tax burden on owner Mark Cuban and with the hope that it will enable Cuban to continue to make trades and chase high-profile players to improve the team.

via ESPN.com



And this is how Cav fans reacted. Well, the nice clean AP version.

It is disappointing. I quit following a team I had loved because it lost a player. My favorite player. I can’t imagine how these guys dealt. I do know they burned jerseys and got a little rowdy. I hope they recover and I wish Cav fans the best because this was a shitty thing to do.

This year, I get to go to some games and I’ve been looking at the players the Mavericks have been picking up. I’m really digging Tyson Chandler’s strong inside game and he’s fun to watch. Then the Mavs make it to the playoffs and David Hopkins invites me to the first round.  It was pretty damn awesome. He got to see them sweep the Lakers in 4 with his Dad. I got to go again with D-Hop to an OKC Thunder game. The playoff atmosphere is fantastic but I’d been disappointed before so I wasn’t going to get excited.

Then they won the OKC series and we had the rematch with the Miami Heat. Decades of failing had me worried that I was going to get caught up in the hype again. The Mavs were winning but would they choke again? I was staying up later for games and losing sleep. I had been checking scores on my phone while I was at my cousin’s wedding and during the comic book club, I run. I still wasn’t convinced they could make this happen until the clock was at 0:00.

via Yahoo Sport.com

All I can say is “Thanks, Dirk”. Thanks for staying and rebuilding. Thanks for not going to a “contender” or announcing your new team on TV. Thanks for just showing up to work and making concessions so we could have a winner in Dallas again.

Prove You’re A Dallas Local

I love lists. D Magazine did a great one for “What You Must Do In Dallas“. There is some great stuff in there. I’ll be a picky mother fucker and point out that there is a few that are not even in Dallas. Chicken friend steak in Roanoke? Drinks in Ft. Worth? Balloons in Plano? I’m pretty sure you can get drunk, eat something fried and get high at the State Fair that’s in Dallas. No need to go to all these places. So I broke down a couple of thought about this on Twitter but thought I’d compile them in a post for you. Enjoy my list of things that prove you are a Dallas local.

  • Been Dale Hansen’s Designated Driver.
  • Be black in Highland Park. (This will allow you to also get pulled over in Highland Park.)
  • Embarrassed of your Mayor honoring a felon.
  • Bought weed from Quincy Carter.
  • Avoid the “Pee Seat” on DART. This can be combined with “Watch Homeless Peeing on the DART Train”.
  • Drive 45 minutes out of town to see your local baseball and football team play.
  • You are NEVER scared when Jerry Jones’s face is in HD.
  • Didn’t get to go to this years’ Super Bowl.
  • You fail to cheer the local college you actually went to and choose between UT and A&M.
  • Don’t give a fuck about the show Dallas.
  • Have a Norm Hitzges impression.
  • Cock-punched someone for saying “I really like having that Subway in Deep Ellum.”
  • Seen parents in a bare fisted brawl at a high school football game. Also will accept Pee Wee and Middle School games.
  • Get RT from @nbc5janemcgarry on Twitter with a #FUCKYES hashtag.

A Day in the Life Part 1

12/21/10 –
Mesquite 60 degrees.
Wake up at 4:53, 7 minutes before my alarm goes off.
DEXTER THEME plays because it’s my alarm, every morning.
I get up at 5:16, shower and grab a left over Diet Coke in the fridge for the morning medication. I pour a left over Diet Dr. Pepper in the Arby’s cup and mix the 2 drinks.
In my 2002 Jeep, I bought a few months ago, and the first song of the day is The Cure on “80s on 8”.

The Cure – Friday I’m In Love
Uploaded by manon42. – Music videos, artist interviews, concerts and more.

At work, 6:12.
38 personal emails. 11 work emails.
The first call I take is for a password reset to our financial system. User have had the capability to do this themselves for about 2 years. They still call. They still think they type it in correctly. They are always wrong. I waste most of my day taking this very call. I describe where to go to do it themselves. I will always get called back when they have to do it again.
I clean out work email which is an avalanche of passed work. One employee quit recently and I inherited his work. A new employee finally got his vacation this week and is using it so I get all his dumped work.
I play Howard Stern in my left ear while I work.
User calls back because he can’t reset his won password. 75% of these calls are Sales people. 25% are just dumb people that don’t know how password resets work. They are usually older and don’t use the Internet. This guy is a Sales guy. I hate Sales guys.
Breakfast continues from the desk. Low sugar Pop Tarts that sit in a drawer.
I attack the new employee’s work that has been passed to me.
Install a new hard drive for a user. Windows 7 image. Never worked. Stuck between repairing and booting normally and neither worked. This now becomes working with my manager on another fix for this user. My manager is pretty easy going and that’s what I love most about my job.

First tweet of the day, “@sarahEmagee @kyle1point0 @mcgaritydotme Bubbles? Michael Jackson’s monkey?” I was replying to
“@kyle1point0 @mcgaritydotme @clay_harrison Y’all. Srsly. Me = bubbles.” from @sarahEmagee

First call out of the day is to an Office Manager. She’s an over-laugher. I have to turn the volume down. She’s one of the older users. She needs me to copy documents from a DVD to her hard drive. I know a lot of my job is hand holding and walking users through the easy stuff. The easy stuff is unknown to them and really anything you don’t know now a days is something you fear.

Most of my morning is booked with calls and tickets to resolve. I get one calls that takes a long time and allows me to browse through my Tumblr account. Tumblr appears to be where all the kids are. It’s neat and the haters are few. It’s full of optimistic views. By kids, I mean 20 somethings. I find a lot of humor there as well as movie references. I love the comic art that is posted. I have very little to say there but enjoy the peace and quite. I am just an observer.

Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. Need more than a Pop Tart now but talking to too many people and it seems rude to eat and talk on the phone. I do however deal with this on occasion and people will eat while talking to me. I hate it.

Off the phone and eating a banana. I got a second to post my first Tumblr post.

I love Gremlins. It’s also required viewing for the Holidays.

I also find time to share this on Facebook. I also see it’s a friend’s (from high school) birthday. I click on his name, copy/paste “Happy Birthday!” from someone else’s post. (Just because it’s quick and I fear misspelling it.)
Normally, it’d be more involved but this is someone I haven’t seen since the day of graduation. Doubtful I will again. I just kinda maintain that online friendship and go on.

At this point of the day I try to cut back the tabs open in Chrome. I have a bad habit of opening things I want to read or do when I get on long calls. Current tab count, 5. Threadsy, this post, Google Calendar, Tumblr reply and an article on Randy Quaid. Lots of time waster’s there? Yea, I know.

Calls slow down and I’m able to actually work. I do a scan on a hard drive. I pop over to a website to vote for friend’s charity. “Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance” She too is a high school friend but was at the reunion. I don’t really talk to her now but did at the reunion and read about her daughter’s illness. It sounds awful.

Slow day on Twitter. Mainly reading. I think because I’m focusing on this, I don’t have much to say there.

Day filled with lots of random work. Tuned into the Marvel Press Conference about Fear Itself. Great promotion and looking forward to it. Might be my first monthly digital book. I can’t go back to buying then in stores.

I end up pausing the Marvel conference a couple of times to get deliveries. For some reason the back door phone doesn’t ring to me anymore. So after delivering mail, yes I went to college for this, I have to get my phone fixed. For lunch, I choke down left over ribs Lori made and back to work.

Made time to do an email to cover X-Mas activities. It had to be done. UGH! Family shouldn’t be work.

So now I spend time in the back receiving old hardware and doing inventory. I notice now that I’m writing all this down how much I eat and drank at my desk. Some tea and another Pop Tart disappear. All the work in the back kicks my ass. People sending in the wrong things. Boxes with no paperwork appear. Most of this is a guessing game.

Remember the laptop I worked on this morning? Well now I get another one that has been imaged and is a complete replacement for the user. I go to swap them out. I hate this part. Small talk while the wheels of Microsoft crank. Slow and tedious as I move docs/shut down/swap laptops and boot back up. So his office neighbor stops by to chat. He loves to fucking talk. BLAH BLAH BLAH. I slowly start to push a bullet into my head hoping he gets the message but nope. While talking we discuss the programs he runs. One program I know for sure doesn’t run on Windows 7. Talky office neighbor insist that it does. He should know. He is busy standing in the doorway talking. He works in Finance. He should know shit about IT. So after all the slow sluggish computer shit I head back to check on this program. I walk into a discussion about how people that use this program are NOT to get Windows 7. Feeble attempts are made for a work around but in the end I take his new laptop and replace it with his old laptop. Time in the morning and afternoon were wasted because no one just asked the user what programs he uses. Fuck all to hell.

Back to desk to work security tickets. Short and boring but this is the heart of what I do. I like this stuff better. I turn more Stern on and clean out the tickets I can do.

It’s currently 82 degrees in Dallas when I leave work. Fuck.

Is It Just a Building? Some History of Dallas High School

I’ve parked next to this building every day for the past 5 years.

2214 Bryan Street
Dallas High School is what the building says. It’s got a long history of names.

1884 – Central High School –
Found this on the school
In June 1984, the Dal-Tech Alumni Association celebrated the 100th anniversary of the first public high school in Dallas. Private schools have been established in the area in the 1840s and 1850s, but it was not until 1884 that Public Education became a concern. In that year, the city purchased the Dallas Female Academy on Bryan Street between Peal and Kawkins and renamed the school Central High School. While the building was being renovated classes were held in rented space on Elm at Akard Street. The building was ready in 1886 and the first graduates received diplomas in 1887. In 1908 a new building on the same site was completed and the name changed to Dallas High School. Although the name changed several times since 1908, and various improvements and enlargements have been made, the site has been continuously used as a public school.
and this
Originally called Dallas High School, it was built to replace Bryan High School, a wooden structure named for Dallas founder John Neeley Bryan, in which classes continued to be held while the new building was under construction.

1908 – Dallas High School

1916 – Main High School

1917 – Bryan Street High School

1928 – Dal-Tech High School

1942 – N.R. Crozier Technical High School
During the racial segregation of the 1950s, Crozier Tech also became the designated school for white students removed from the Forest Avenue High School after Forest High was designated for colored students and renamed James Madison High School.

Once vacant, the school alumni organized, attending 44 public meetings in hopes of designating their school a city of Dallas historic landmark. During this process, a California investor purchased the building with plans to knock it down for a parking lot. But the alumni prevailed, and Crozier Tech was saved from the wrecking ball. Now, it sits empty, boarded-up with no plans for redevelopment. – via Shawn Williams at Dallas South News

I found some more details about the California investor and what plans were made. (from 2001) –
Plans call for at least three or four “white tablecloth” restaurants, a small grocery store and other retail and service shops on the 5.8-acre site of the former Crozier Tech High School.
The tract, located on Bryan Street between Central Expressway and Pearl Street, is owned by a limited partnership called 2218 Bryan St. Ltd. Headed by a California investor named Robert Yu, the partnership reportedly paid $6.1 million for the site in 1998.
– via – Christine Perez and Lisa Tanner at The Dallas Business Journal

Crozier Tech became a city-designated historic landmark in 2000. Preservation Texas added the old Dallas High School to its Inaugural List of “Texas’ Most Endangered Historic Places” in 2004, also making their list of “Most Endangered Resoucres” just last year. The National Register of Historic Places has also listed the school under the Dallas High School Historic District. – via – Kristy Chu at NBCDFW.com

Their mascot was the (Tech) Wolves.

1972 – 1995 Business Magnet School –

It was closed in 1995. The school relocated to Townview Center May 1995.

This is the oldest remaining Dallas High School.

During the 1980s the building had the dubious distinction of being used as one of the sets for the movie “Robocop.”

Dal-Tech Alumni Association, N. R. Crozier Technical High School of Dallas, Texas Web Site

Hail to thee, our Alma Mater;
Tech, our greatest pride.
In whose halls we now are learning
Storms of life to ride.
Lift the chorus; speed it onward;
Raise it to the skies.
Hail to thee, our Alma Mater.
Hail, all hail, Tech High.

As of this writing, there are no plans for the building.